Speaker Tea
Site: Guningtou Cihu Great Bunker

Speaker Tea was inspired by the artist's recent visit to mainland China's Dadeng Military Base, now partially a public park, where Shen Yuan was impressed by the world's largest military propaganda speakers, used for years to broadcast liberation campaigns across the Strait towards Kinmen and greater Taiwan. Shen replicated the megaphone and added a giant tongue to signify the brazen messages it formerly dispensed. For the duration of the exhibition, visitors will be served tea from this perch, where they can discuss the now-silenced rhetoric.

Born in 1959 in Xianyou, Fujian Province, China, Shen Yuan has lived and worked as an installation artist in Paris since 1990. She has had solo exhibitions at l'Institut de France, the Bern Center of Art, the Kyushu Center of Contemporary Art, and participated in the Sao Paolo Biennale. Shen is known for large-scale installations that engage history and culture.