WANG Wen-Chih

Dragon Dares Tiger Lair
Site: Nanshan Fortification No.2 Bunker, Command Center and surrounding areas

Dragon Dares Tiger Lair is a large installation in which Wang Wen-Chih extends a bunker by building a bamboo and rattan artillery-shell-shaped tower of 15 meters. This rattan "dragon" grows from the bunker interior, rises out its roof, a network of serpentine tunnels sprawls on the ground around the bunker, creating an external/internal space that invites climbing and resting. Working with a group of craftsmen who spent their military service in Kinmen years before, not only does the artist wish to integrate the former war zone with its natural environment, but Dragon will also serve to purify the site, providing a Zen-like shelter for meditation and clarity. Concerning his work Wang said, "The inspirations of my work lie in the opposing yet fusing relationships between individual, nature, and communities, and the longing for communion and primitivism derived from meditation. Often working with natural materials such as rattan, bamboo and wood, my work searches for harmony after catastrophe or massive destruction."

Born 1959 in Chiayi, Taiwan, Wang Wen-Chih graduated from the Chinese Culture University's Department of Fine Arts, studied in France, where he is a member of the Artists Association of France, and now lives in Chiayi. Wang's works have been shown at the 49th Venice Biennial; the Taipei Fubon Art Foundation; the 2002 Taipei Art Festival and the Chinshan International Landscape Sculpture Exhibition, 2003. The Taipei Fine Arts Museum held his solo exhibitions in 1995 and 2000.